ShaaniCreates I am Liberated

I am Liberated

I am Liberated Poem by Shaani Written on Saturday, April 10, 2021 She woke up one day and she said no more pain I am free Free from the idea of who society thinks she should be Free from the idea of who she thought she was She woke up Read more…

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The Egg A Short Story

The Egg – A Short Story Story by Andy Weir YouTube video from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 7 minutes 54 seconds with captions Every act of kindness you have done, you have done to yourself The whole Universe is an egg.  

The Outkast... a Voyage by Ben-OniThe Outkast... a Voyage by Ben-Oni

The OutKast… a Voyage by Ben-Oni

Repost from @blackneurodiversity The NeuroDISTINCT and NeuroINDIGENOUS check-ins are going on tour… Check-in tomorrow (Tuesday, March 16) at @speciallycentered to find out where @rhythmistheritual (Ben-Oni) will be next… we lookin at @shaanicreates new club, Empowering Lives, for Friday for a neuroINDIGENOUS check-in, but you MUST be a member/follower whateva…) to Read more…