ShaaniCreates Awareness ExpansionAwareness Expansion
9 Session Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring Package

This is an intense 9 session spiritual empowerment package for serious and committed beings. Meet with ShaaniCreates for discussions and assignments about topics covering the mind, body and spirit. The details and themes of the topics are tailored to the client’s needs, energy and intentions.

  • Weekly assignments for healing, developing and expanding your mind, body and spirit
  • Intuitive guidance and energy healing
  • Breathwork, meditation and journaling guidance
  • A special gift from ShaaniCreates

Increased self-awareness in life helps you with:

  • Self-actualization
  • Being authentically you
  • Increasing confidence
  • Making informed decisions and move forward
  • Listening to your intuition and using discernment
  • Maximizing flow-state in your life
  • Developing loving self-talks
  • Minding your own business (not taking things personally)
  • Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Improving your wellness in the mind, body and spirit
  • Emotional, physical and spiritual healing from past wounds and trauma

Reach out to ShaaniCreates with any questions you may have

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