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ShaaniCreates Mentoring Program 90 days of mentoring, coaching and leadership training Weekly 2 hour video calls Weekly activity sheets Destroy limiting beliefs Take control of the life you deserve Move forward in any areas of your life ShaaniCreates is introducing

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Title: ShaaniCreates Mentoring Program Form Purpose: Submit an inquiry to ShaaniCreates regarding our mentoring program services If the services are for a business, please submit an inquiry on the business consulting services form. A list of services is located here


ShaaniCreates Consulting Packages Consulting rates (by the hour) $50 Life-Changing Transformation Plan $600 Spiritual alignment and attunement package $400 Featured Package: ShaaniCreates 30 Day Life-Changing Transformation Plan $600 What’s Included: Week 1: Mind Week 2: Body Week 3: Spirit Week

What are You Seeking?

Do you feel like you’re missing something in your life? Are you feeling lost or stuck? Are you feeling withdrawn in your relationship? Contact ShaaniCreates today at 540-227-7501 and we will guide you through your process to change. Change starts

What Do You Want? · 20% off ShaaniCreates Life Coaching Services through February 19, 2018

ShaaniCreates Special discount through President’s Day 20% off Please read to the end of this post for coupon code information What Do You Want? What Do You Need? ShaaniCreates is here to assist you with Life Coaching services. We are

Learn to Be Fearless and Become Unstoppable

Starting something new in life can be challenging. Worrying about failure and not meeting goals may create obstacles for you. Failure does not exist the way we think it exists. If one idea does not work, you create another idea.

What Do Want Right Now?

What do you want in your life right now? What is stopping you from getting what you want in your life? Do you create a roadmap and a plan to take you to the next phase of your life? What

How May I Help You

How May I Help You? We are here to assist you with your needs Contact ShaaniCreates today to schedule a free 30 minutes Life Coaching Consultation (business and personal) What do you need in your life right now? Are you

Life Coaching

ShaaniCreates Consulting · Life Coaching Services ShaaniCreates provides Life Coaching with Strategic Planning services for your business and personal needs Business Life Coaching Starting a Business Re-branding Your Business Bringing Life Back into Your Business Expanding Your Business Diversity in the

You Deserve Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth

Are you walking around in your life with any of these thoughts? “I am so broke I am tired of not having money I wish I could go on a vacation I wish my vacation was longer I wish I

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