ShaaniCreates - Love Expands

Love Expands

Love expands. Fear contracts. Which do you choose? The choice is yours. If you are searching for love but not sure where to start, we can help you. Book an intuitive reading with ShaaniCreates today.

ShaaniCreates Against the Odds

Against the Odds

ShaaniCreates Against the Odds A sequence of prompts and thoughts to assist with moving forward in your life Use the questions in this message to help stimulate a healthy space of self-reflection and love. We recommend you have paper and a pen to take notes. Identification When life feels like Read more…

ShaaniCreates Right Speech Right Action

Right Speech Right Action

Does self-doubt fill your mind and cloud your judgement? Many of us are programmed to accept and believe whatever practices, traditions, customs, and habits were taught to us during our childhood. What we learned as a child, we carried during our teenage years and into adulthood. As adults, we may Read more…

ShaaniCreates 1-Card Tarot Reading Rider Waite

Looking for Answers?

Are you looking for answers in your life? Are you at a crossroads in your journey, and you’re not sure which direction to go? Allow us to listen to your concerns, questions, and needs. ShaaniCreates will guide you to the answers. We empower lives through wellness and spiritual consultation services Read more…