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The Egg A Short Story

The Egg – A Short Story Story by Andy Weir YouTube video from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 7 minutes 54 seconds with captions Every act of kindness you have done, you have done to yourself The whole Universe is an egg.  

Empowering Lives Brilliance Starts Now

Brilliance Starts Now

Brilliance Starts Now Mastermind Group Brilliance Starts Now is a Mastermind Group for Black women created to establish accountability, cultivate creativity and ignite inspiration in our lives. Brilliance starts right now, within each of us. We are here to provide a safe space free of judgment & empower each other Read more…

Spiritual Toolkit

Spiritual Toolkit Build a spiritual toolkit for your daily practice and help yourself move forward in life. Your spiritual toolkit is a personal set of resources, abilities, spiritual gifts, and skills that is available to you and for you whenever you need them. The following is an example of a Read more…

ShaaniCreates Against the Odds

Against the Odds

ShaaniCreates Against the Odds A sequence of prompts and thoughts to assist with moving forward in your life Use the questions in this message to help stimulate a healthy space of self-reflection and love. We recommend you have paper and a pen to take notes. Identification When life feels like Read more…