ShaaniCreates Computer RepairNeed help with setting up your computer?

If you recently purchased or received a computer or tablet as a gift and you need assistance with setting it up, ShaaniCreates is here to assist you today.

The cost is $40 for 60 minutes of service and $50 for up to 90 minutes.

Bring in your device brand new, recently purchased or even if you had it for a while… and we will help you. These services include basic computing skills such as setting up the computer & profile, learning how to protect your privacy, cleaning your tracks online, word processing skills, setting up online storage accounts, backing up images, etc.

Add $25 and we will set up parental control for your devices. Add $20 for smartphones. Do you need help with setting up multiple devices? Send us a message or call for a quote.

Devices serviced: desktops & laptops (Windows, Linux), tablets (Android, iPad, Kindle), phones (Android, iPhone)

Contact us today so we can set up an appointment. We provide in person services to Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia and D.C. areas and remote services nationwide.

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