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Meditating daily will change your life

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Meditation allows me to heighten my awareness of what is going on within me and around me. I raise the vibration of my energy to assist with releasing accumulated negative energy from myself and others. I create a space for healing, growth, joy, and love.

One of my favorite types of meditation is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation helps increase my awareness and be present in the moment. I am able to sort through my thoughts so I do not dwell on the past or worry about the future. I focus on the present moment. I observe what is happening right now in front of me. I focus on what is within my area of control at this moment. I reflect with love and without judgment. Breath awareness assists me with being present in the moment. You can do mindfulness meditation anywhere and anytime. For beginners, I suggest a quiet setting with either no music or uplifting music such as a white noise machine or guided meditation at a low volume. For a beginner, I recommend to sit upright but if sitting upright is uncomfortable, you may lay down flat. I also enjoy using a yoga mat and pillow for comfort. Lighting incense can assist in establishing a calm and relaxing mood. The more comfortable you become with meditation, you will discover you can do these techniques almost anywhere and anytime.

Mindfulness meditation assists me with increasing focus, clarity and memory; and reducing stress and anxiety. Being present in the moment has assisted me in preventing and stopping many anxiety attacks. With heightened awareness, I am able to witness life as an observer. I can see an anxiety attack coming before it hits me. Sometimes the stress hits me deeply, and first I must be patient with myself and realize that I can get through this moment. I use breathing techniques like 4-7-8 to assist me and return to the present moment.

Sometimes during meditation, I gain clarity about a matter which has been on my mind and it feels like solving a puzzle. I make sure to have my journal and something to write down my thoughts within reach.  I notate every detail that I can remember such as sounds, colors, the way something made me feel, people, place, objects, etc. This technique of writing down thoughts from meditation as well as dreams assisted me with increasing my visualization skills.

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  1. Do you meditate?
  2. If you do not meditate, is there a particular reason why?
  3. How has meditation helped you in your life?
  4. Do you have a favorite form of meditation?
  5. What tools and techniques assist you during meditation?

Optional items for meditation:

  1. Yoga mat (assorted colors)
  2. Pillow
  3. White noise sound machine
  4. Journal
  5. Pencil or pen

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Creating a Life of Flow and Ease (Part 1) – Meditating Daily Will Change Your Life
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