ShaaniCreates is a part of a growing community that advocates self-actualization. ShaaniCreates provides teachings, services and products that provide clients with multiple paths for exponential growth and expansion through self-love and radical acceptance.

If you are interested in checking out a sample of our work to test the waters, get to know me, see if my energy vibes with you or maybe you say you can’t afford the services, then start here with the resources mentioned on this page.

    Discipline & Consistency

    Discipline, consistency, resilience, perseverance and willpower are additional key pieces of my daily practice, my ability to reach goals and destroy any obstacles that I face.

    If you need help with improving discipline, consistency and tapping into your willpower consider checking out Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu. Tom Bilyeu advocates cultivating a growth mindset in our lives to overcome any and all obstacles that we face in order to achieve any goal.

    Some of my favorite Impact Theory interviews are listed and videos embedded below.

    • How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind with Dr. Joe Dispenza · 33 minutes

    • How to Make Yourself Immune to Pain with David Goggins · 57 minutes

    • A Pain is a Good Thing with Sadhguru · 51 minutes

    • Watch This to Find Your Purpose with Jay Shetty · 53 minutes

    • This Trick Makes You Immune to Illness with Wim Hof · 44 minutes

    • Why Your Excuses Will Ruin You with Rich Roll · 40 minutes

    • Learn Why the Way You are Breathing is Destroying Your Quality of Life  with James Nestor · 57 minutes

    • Why Sleep is More Important Than Diet with Shawn Stevenson · 52 minutes

    Why do any of this?

    These rooms, webinars and teachings are led by powerful practitioners. Attending and participating in these recurring discussions will help you develop a healthy, uplifting and loving practice in your life to help you heal, grow and love.

    Remember to show yourself grace.

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