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You are invited to Empowering Lives

I recently created a Facebook group called Empowering Lives. The purpose of Empowering Lives is to share information, knowledge and wisdom to help inspire, uplift and empower each other. If you need general life advice and help you can ask for assistance.

Empowerment Surrounds Us · Empowering is Within Us

We welcome everyone of all backgrounds

There is zero tolerance for anything with hate, racism, sexism and anti-LGBT. If you post things which promote any of this, you are subject to removal.

The bottom line is, ask yourself if the post is positive, uplifting, inspirational or empowering. If the answer is yes, please share. If the answer is no, please do not share.

Please join us. After joining, please introduce yourself in a post. Search for Empowering Lives in the Facebook search or browse directly to the group:


If you found a spelling error or another item which needs correcting, please notify us by selecting the text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

Empowering Lives Facebook Group
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