ShaaniCreates Love & Joy

What thoughts are running across your mind right now?

We can aimlessly swing at our emotions as we try to beat them with a bat, but without figuring out the cause and consciously changing our behaviors and habits, we will continue to repeat the patterns. In order to break this cycle of suffering, we must embrace everything about us, forgive ourselves and others, explore the path to the root cause and sit in the pain with acceptance, unconditional love, and understanding. We then let go of the pain and set an intention to fill this space with love and joy.

Find Love & Joy through Self-Discovery

How amazing would it be to learn how to not feel lost in your thoughts, and to not be so quick to react with anger? This ability is a gift within all of us. During wellness or spiritual consultations with ShaaniCreates, we will listen to your concerns, and observe your energy, body movement, and behavior to provide you the guidance you are in need of right now. We will help you clear the path in your journey to make space for healing, self-discovery, and love. Who are you? What do you need? What do you want?

Begin this wonderful voyage by signing up for a wellness or spiritual consultation with ShaaniCreates today.

Discussion points:

  1. Do you feel love and joy are important in your life?
  2. What role does love and joy play in your life?
  3. Identify 3 people, places, or things that bring you love and joy in your life now?
  4. Describe a recent situation where you were loving and/or joyful toward someone in need.
  5. Do you show yourself the same love and joy that you give to others? Why or why not?
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