Full Moon in Cancer Ritual January 2022

Peace and blessings to you. Although the Full Moon in Cancer energy peaks on January 17, 2022, you can do the ritual tonight and through the next 4 days.

“The year’s first Full Moon, Wolf Moon, is named after howling wolves, and it’s also called the Moon After Yule in the Anglo-Saxon tradition.

Wolves howl to communicate over long distances both in North America and in Europe. It is a way of saying “here I am” to the rest of the pack or “stay away” to intruders.”

Full Moon in Cancer Ritual January 2022 Instructions

  1. Cleanse yourself and your space
  2. Set your intentions
  3. Light a candle:
    1. White, green, yellow or brown
  4. Crystals:
    1. Malachite, moldavite, kunzite
  5. Essential oils:
    1. Rosemary, mint, cinnamon
  6. Spirit animal: Squid
    1. Watch this video (3 minutes) for assistance with tapping into the squid spirit animal energy:


  7. Read the Full Moon in Cancer intention below. Feel free to customize any portion of the intention.
  8. Express gratitude when complete
  9. Cleanse yourself and your space
  10. This may be an intense healing session for you. Show yourself love and aftercare.

Full Moon in Cancer Intention January 2022
You may customize any portion of the intention

We are letting go of the pains, wounds and traumas. The pains of the past no longer define our present. Whatever comes our way, we have access to the right tools, techniques, resources, people, places and things to help us move forward.

There is always hope. There is more than hope. There is a fundamental knowing and innerstanding that all is well.

I once felt like I was fighting quicksand and now I am a champion surfer riding the high tides as well as I ride the low tides.

Everything in the Universe is here to support and help me. I always have the self-awareness and alignment with my intuition and discernment to make an informed decision to move forward.

When I need help, I am no longer afraid to ask for help. I am appreciated. I am cared for. I am supported. I am loved. I am surrounded by a loving and supportive community that uplifts me. I call upon my ancestors and decedents for guidance, comfort, wisdom, protection and help. My spirit team is powerful and undefeated.

I give thanks for this moment as I know this is leading to substantial breakthroughs, insights and healing in my life. I am letting go of all energies which no longer serve my highest good. I am filling this space with more love, joy, prosperity and laughter. My wellness is expanding. My vision is expanding. My wealth is expanding. Things come easy to me. My life flows with ease and grace. I am happy. I am well.

As my capacity to be me expands, I am also helping others do the same in their life. The Universe is helping me expand my resources and wealth so I may expand my empire and help more people. Thank you Spirit for this release of the old and the gifts of the new. Thank you. I love you.

This concludes the Full Moon in Cancer Ritual & Intention January 2022. If you like the ritual & intention, please consider sharing this with a friend.

May you be well. I love you.


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