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Everyone has a unique spectrum of emotions associated with experiences and memories in their life; which were introduced through interactions with family, teachers, and friendships. We are all more than the accumulation of these experiences, yet the way we perceive these experiences create our narrative.

Welcome to You are likely looking for answers within yourself or externally from others, in order to bring you from your current state to a desired state.

How may we serve you today?

Whatever your needs are, our job is to evaluate and identify the pattern and habits. Then we develop a plan of action for moving forward.

Our evaluation is an initial consultation where we listen to your needs, questions, and concerns and assess what exactly is needed. The initial consultation is $50. The $50 purchase of an initial consultation can be applied to a full consulting service purchase within 30 days of the initial consultation.

Goals of an Initial Consultation

  1. Describe the client’s issue
  2. Identify how the issue affects the client in their life
  3. Establish what the client wants to achieve in this session
  4. Discuss how the client wants to move forward beyond this session

What do you need? What do you want? What do you desire?

Every consultation is different as people are at different points in their life. Allow us to help you find the correct direction on your path to answers and resolution.

Book an appointment for an initial consultation

After booking an initial consultation, please fill out the questionnaire below

Enter your date of birth
Enter your time of birth in the format HH:MM
Enter the location of your birth e.g. city, state and zip code or province, and country
Enter your phone number with the area code first (U.S. only) add the country code for areas outside of United States


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