ShaaniCreates Offers Intuitive Reading Services

During an intuitive reading, I meet with a client and read the client’s energy. I do not predict the future. I am not a medical doctor. I provide advice to clients about a broad range of topics such as relationships, careers, financial status, time management, limited beliefs, building confidence, conflict resolution, decision making, life purpose, past lives, emotional trauma, childhood issues, forgiveness, healing, letting go, self-care, self-love, gratitude, growth mindset, mindfulness, awareness, spiritual gifts and more.

I use intuitive spiritual gifts to review the client’s sensory information by reading auras, tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, accessing Akashic Records, spirit guides, guardian angels, spirit animals, etc. I am a guide to help you in your process in this life.

Each intuitive reading is unique for a client. Not every reading involves all of these methods. If you have a specific request for a tarot card reading, for example, please select the tarot card reading product.

An intuitive reading may feel like a therapy session for you. We will discuss issues and matters which can be very difficult to talk about. If there is crying, anger, sadness or any other emotion comes about during an intuitive reading, that is okay. Allow yourself to go through your healing process.

How to determine if an Intuitive Reading is good for you?

  • If you are feeling stuck in your life and need help to move forward.
  • If you have a big decision to make about your career, relationship, family, etc.
  • If you need help with identifying the source of your issues in life.
  • If you need help with overcoming doubts, fears and obstacles in your life.
  • If you are interested in learning more about your spirituality.
  • If you need help with letting go.

Intuitive Readings are provided on Skype Video, Facebook Messenger or Zoom.

Contact us if you are interested in an in-person reading. Additional fees apply for travel.

Must be age 18 or over.

Additional fees apply if a client would like to have an intuitive reading with their child. The child must be age 8 or over.

Payments must be made in advance. There are no refunds and no exceptions.

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