ShaaniCreates Sun in Libra

I welcome Libra season with open arms. In my natal chart (Tropical) North Node is in Libra, 9th house 7° and Pluto is in Libra (Retrograde), 10th house 16°. Through observing and interacting with my youngest son (Libra sun), he has become my greatest teacher of how to embrace, harness and expand my Libra energy. I am grateful for the expansion of my awareness.

The Libra energy of the moment is helping me go deeper into self-discovery, self-interrogation and also cultivate harmony in my relationships. I am expanding Love in all areas of my life through Radical Acceptance and Radical Honesty.

Libra Affirmation: I balance my mind, body and spirit. 🌀💥♎️

Reflection: ✍🏾🗣️🫂

Where do you see Libra energy in your natal chart? How is the Libra energy impacting your current experiences? What does evolved Libra energy look like in your life? Who is your favorite Libra?

Please share your thoughts in the comments, message me or reflect in your journal. ✍🏾📋🍯


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