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There is a lot going on in the world right now and these events weigh heavy on my heart. In order to stay strong in the mind, body, and spirit, I must focus on my wellbeing. This process starts with loving myself more.

I wrote this poem today and recorded the audio (embedded SoundCloud link at the end of the post). It includes powerful affirmations I have been using over the years. You can read and listen to this daily for increasing self-love and expressing gratitude in your life.

Love Yourself More

Love yourself more when you wake up in the morning
This is a beautiful new day, you are alive and the birds are singing

Love yourself more as you make your bed
Clear the energy from your space and give thanks for your rest

Love yourself more while taking a shower and cleansing your body
Be present in the moment as you express gratitude for the clean water and shelter

Love yourself more throughout the day as you complete your activities
Such as work, raising children and household commitments

Love yourself more for all of the successes and triumphs in your life no matter the size
Reflect on how far you have come in your journey

Love yourself more during the moments when you feel anger, fear and grief
Your feelings matter, embrace them, sit when them, then let them go with love

Love yourself more even when someone has hurt you
Turn to your higher self for the courage, resilience and strength you have to overcome all obstacles

Love yourself more as you forgive, heal, learn, grow and move forward
Release all which is not serving for the highest good, so that you may create more space for love

Love yourself more because you are worthy of this love and so much more
I love you

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