Lunar Placement ResourcesLunar Placement Resources

I discover patterns & cycles in my life, strengthen my intuition and expand my awareness by observing lunar placements during a monthly cycle. I observe my daily experiences, emotions and interactions as they relate to the qualities, properties and traits of the moon and astrological placements. I harness the energy of the moment for facing whatever comes my way in life. I am a limitless, loving, powerful magical being.

The following list are resources that I use regularly in my practice to observe the lunar cycle and placements.


1. Time Passages

What I like:

a. Shows the current lunar placement along with other current astrological placements
b. Can create a free natal chart


Great for beginners as well as experienced astrologers, TimePassages puts astrology at your fingertips. Enjoy free daily horoscopes and discover the meanings behind your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign. Learn even more about the planetary bodies with the app’s comprehensive astrology glossary.

Download (free) (iOS) (Android)

2. The Moon

What I like:

a. Has a monthly calendar with the astrological moon placements for each day
b. You can change the calendar view to see a lunar placement on another date


Moonrise, Moonset, Moon phases, Lunar Days, Illumination, Distance, Position

Download (free) (iOS) (Android)

3. Moon Phase Calendar Plus

What I like:

a. Shows the current moon placement and how many days, hours and minutes until the next placement
b. Shows a visual calendar of the lunar placements


The current phase of the moon, Current appearance of the moon, Calendar view of moon phases for past and future months, Moon Locator Compass which always points to the moon in the sky , Countdown in days, hours and minutes to the next moon phase – whether full or new moon, first or last quarter, Notifications of upcoming moon phases and lunar events, Current Moon Sign, Moon Rise and Set times, See the moon phase for any chosen day in the past or future, Current Distance to the moon in miles or kilometers, Age of the moon, Whether the moon is getting brighter or darker, Percentage of the moon that is illuminated by the sun, Countdown to the next moon phase

Download (free) (iOS)


1. Astro Seek Moon Phase Calendar

What I like:

a. Shows the date and times of transits, moon phase, astrological sign for the phase, the body orgaans influenced by the sign
b. Input your zip code to get the accurate transit information for your time zone

2. Astrograph

3. Cafe Astrology 2022 Planetary Overview

What resources and tools do you use to keep track of the lunar cycle? Please share your thoughts and insights in the comments.


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