ShaaniCreates Meditation Increase Flow State Through Intergalactic Spirit Animals

Please and blessings to you. I’m grateful that you are here. Give thanks to yourself. Give thanks to Spirit. For the increase of flow in your life. You are in a season of tremendous growth and expansion. You are simply beautiful ♥️

The Foundation of the Meditation is 5 Pillars

  • This 6-minute meditation is attuned with energy to increase the flow state in your life
  • The foundation of this meditation is built on the following 5 pillars:
    • Love, Gratitude, Radical Honesty, Expression and Clarity
  • All of this high vibrational, loving, magical and divine energy goes into the intention for increasing flow state in your life. Your life flows with ease grace and love.

We are channeling the energies of the intergalactic bird

  • There are 3 intergalactic birds that are your spirit guides during this 6-minute meditation
  • You are safe. You are well. You are protected.
  • Your spirit guides will lead you through the energies of the 5 pillars, beginning with Love and ending with Clarity.

Quantum Jumping

  • These birds can teach you how to safely quantum jump along timelines, through dimensions and return to your anchored timeline.
  • If you are interested in learning more about quantum jumping, reach out to ShaaniCreates for a spiritual consultation.

Watch Daily to Maximize Your Experience

Watch this video every morning and observe an increase in your self-awareness. Your life will change. Your life is changing right now.

Instructions for the Meditation

Warning: Do not drive or operate large machines while listening to this meditation

If you experience any feelings during meditation which requires medical attention, stop immediately and please reach out to a qualified medical practitioner. ShaaniCreates is not a licensed medical practitioner. ShaaniCreates is a spiritual practitioner and the meditation videos are for educational and training use only.

Listen to this in a quiet room with headphones on to maximize your experience. Sit in a chair with your back fully erect or lay down on your back.

Breathe slowly and deeply from your diaphragm. Inhale through your nose and exhale out of your mouth.

Close your eyes and place your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Focus on your breath. You are breathing slowly.

Whatever thoughts come during meditation, allow them to come with grace, gently release the thought with grace and continue the meditation with focused breathing.

When the video finishes, gently open your eyes and touch your face. You have returned to your anchored present moment. You may also experience this meditation by playing the video with your eyes open.

What do you feel about the meditation and your experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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