ShaaniCreates Mentoring Program

  • 90 days of mentoring, coaching and leadership training
  • Weekly 2 hour video calls
  • Weekly activity sheets
  • Destroy limiting beliefs
  • Take control of the life you deserve
  • Move forward in any areas of your life

ShaaniCreates Mentoring Program

ShaaniCreates is introducing a new package for those who are serious about drastically changing their lives. You will be committing to an intense life coaching and mentoring program. We will work closely with you to strategically develop a blueprint and master plan for moving forward in any area of your life. The ShaaniCreates Mentoring Program package is $1,500 for 90 days.

Apply to the ShaaniCreates Mentoring Program Today

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you feel like something is wrong in your relationships but having trouble identifying the cause? Have you been struggling with breaking habits in your life which create obstacles and challenges? This is the moment in your life when you realize you are ready for change. You are ready for action. You are ready to fulfill your desires.

ShaaniCreates will guide you to become the best version of you

  • Become an entrepreneur
  • Transform your career path
  • Increase discipline in healthy daily habits
  • Develop and strengthen a growth mindset
  • Build stable and long-lasting relationships

This is a life-changing opportunity for you. For most of your life, you have placed the needs of others in front of your own. There is no need to further delay with taking care of your needs. This is the moment you have been waiting on, the change you deserve.

The amazing ShaaniCreates Mentoring Program package is $1,500 for 90 days. Sign up with ShaaniCreates today.

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ShaaniCreates Mentoring

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