ShaaniCreates New Moon in Aquarius February 2022Lunar New Year and New Moon in Aquarius Intention & Ritual
Year of the Water Tiger

Peace and Blessings to you, the world and the Universe.

The New Moon in Aquarius peaks on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at 12:46 am EST. This is the end of a cycle full of tumultuous energy for many of us this month in January 2022. We give thanks for the Retrograde energies of Venus in Capricorn, Mercury in Aquarius and Mercury in Capricorn. We give thanks for all of the energies as they contributed to the lessons, insights and breakthroughs received from our experiences and alignment with our purpose.

In this New Moon in Aquarius energy, we are giving birth to new beginnings.

Lunar New Year and New Moon in Aquarius Intention
Year of the Water Tiger

Dear (Insert Your Name),

The New Moon in Aquarius energy is showing me new ways to show myself grace and love. The love within and around me is Divine and comes from Source. I am love. I am Divine Love.

The Aquarian energy is helping me increase my clarity and courage, I am transmuting negative energies into uplifting a loving energies to help me heal and grow.  The more in touch I am with my emotions, I see my self-awareness expanding. As my self-awareness expand, I unlock my natural healing and spiritual gifts. I am showing love to myself in new ways.

I give thanks for the previous cycles as they taught me many things. I am grateful to be here, alive, shining and thriving. My intention for this New Lunar Cycle is to unlock new levels of self-love. Love is the answer. Love is the way. Thank you Shaani. Thank you Spirit. I love you (insert your name).

Feel free to add your specific intentions.

ShaaniCreates Year of the Water Tiger 2022

Lunar New Year and New Moon in Aquarius Ritual
Year of the Water Tiger

  • Mojo bag
  • Small handful of dried black-eyed peas for good fortune and protection
  • Pinch of cinnamon or a small cinnamon stick for self-love, prosperity, protection and wellness
  • 3 small dried bay leaves for prosperity
  • 6 dimes for wealth and prosperity
  • 9 drops of patchouli oil for love, prosperity and fertility
  • Small picture of a rabbit for prosperity and fertility for new endeavors
  • Small picture of tiger for the Lunar New Year
  • Set your intentions for the Lunar New Year and place all items in the mojo bag.
  • You can place the mojo bag under your bed, a safe space in a closet, in a drawer, in your car or bury it in the yard of your home.

Enjoy the intention and ritual. Express gratitude for the incoming blessings. May you be well. We love you.

2022 New Moon Schedule (All times listed are Eastern Time)

  • January 2 – New Moon in Capricorn @ 1:33 pm
  • February 1- New Moon in Aquarius @ 12:45 am
  • March 2 – New Moon in Pisces @ 12:35 pm
  • April 1 – New Moon in Aries @ 2:24 am
  • April 30 – New Moon in Taurus and Partial Solar Eclipse @ 4:28 pm
  • May 30 – New Moon in Gemini @ 7:30 am
  • June 28 – New Moon in Cancer @ 10:52 pm
  • July 28 – New Moon in Leo @ 1:55 pm
  • August 27 – New Moon in Virgo @ 4:17 am
  • September 25 – New Moon in Libra @ 5:54 pm
  • October 25 – New Moon in Scorpio and Partial Solar Eclipse @ 6:49 am
  • November 23 – New Moon in Sagittarius @ 5:57 pm
  • December 23 – New Moon in Capricorn @ 5:17 am

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