ShaaniCreates PricingShaaniCreates Pricing

The following is the pricing structure for ShaaniCreates Spiritual & Wellness Consulting services:

Subscription Services

Hourly Rate Services

  • Ad hoc consultation fee is $300 per hour
  • Business Consulting rates are $350 per hour
  • Personal development with a spiritual flair consulting rates are $250 per hour
  • Speaking arrangements, moderating virtual spaces rates are $500 per hour
  • Wellness Consulting rates are $250 per hour
  • Full payment must be received before any consulting services are provided

Gift Cards


  • Other wellness consulting services are provided as a package or promotional rates (coming soon)

Referral Program

  • $25 discount to clients for new client referrals who complete a purchase. A digital coupon code for a future purchase will be provided to qualifying clients.

Effective Date

ShaaniCreates rates for spiritual & wellness consulting packages, products and services are effective March 24, 2021, and are subject to change.