30 Day Life-Changing Transformation Plan


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ShaaniCreates 30 Day Life-Changing Transformation Plan

What’s Included:

Week 1: Mind
Week 2: Body
Week 3: Spirit
Week 4: One

  • 1 Introductory Symposium (60-minute video calls to go over the program in depth)
  • 1 Symposium In-person (If you are local. If you are not local, you may opt to have an additional video call)
  • 8 Symposiums (60-minute video calls and two times a week for the entire 4 weeks). Retail value for this service alone is $400!
  • 4 Customized Digital Meditation Recordings (1 affirmation and guided meditation mp3 for each week: mind, body, spirit and one)
  • 8 Customized Activity Worksheets (1 worksheet for each week: mind, body, spirit and one)
  • Unlimited access with email questions, comments, concerns and suggestions during the 30 day period
  • Exclusive access to ShaaniCreates Empowering Lives Facebook group and Exploring Consciousness Minds.com group
  • Refer a friend to ShaaniCreates and receive 1 free Symposium call and 10% off a future service (referral must sign up and pay for a service). You will receive a coupon code after the transaction is complete.

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30 Day Life-Changing Transformation Plan


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