ShaaniCreates Right Speech Right ActionDoes self-doubt fill your mind and cloud your judgement?

Many of us are programmed to accept and believe whatever practices, traditions, customs, and habits were taught to us during our childhood. What we learned as a child, we carried during our teenage years and into adulthood. As adults, we may start a family with a partner and children. We raise our children and through our words, actions, and behavior, we teach them the same programming we were taught. Where does this cycle end? If you want to grow, then something needs to change.

Learn how to be empowered by your thought, emotions, and life experiences

We are not here to judge your experience. We are only bringing attention to the observations. There are patterns of suffering, pain, and trauma. But you do not have to hurt anymore. Self-doubt can lead to barriers and obstacles in your life. Freedom is well within your reach. ShaaniCreates can assist you with sorting through your thoughts, guide you to the root cause(s) of your issues, connect the matters to the present moment, and help you move forward to your desired state.

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