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Benefits of Guest Blogging for You:

  • Sharing ideas and knowledge
  • Gain experience with your writing
  • Increase exposure of your website
  • Develop your social media presence
  • Networking with people within and outside of your field

Article Criteria:

  • A well-written article with themes relating to empowering lives, uplifting, inspirational, motivational, providing a service for the community, etc.
  • File format of the article: Google Docs (.gdoc) or Microsoft Word Document (.docx)
  • At least 800 words
  • A brief statement about you and your connection to the topic
  • Contact information (include your full name, email address and a contact telephone number or Skype name)
  • Includes 1 – 2 images which add value to the blog post (Note: you must own the rights to the images or have permission to use the images)
  • 1 backlink to your website (include your URL)

How to Submit Your Article:

Submission does not guarantee a posting. Your article is subject to review by ShaaniCreates.

Send us an email with your article attached in a Google Docs (.gdoc) or Word document (.docx) format.


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