ShaaniCreates House Cleansing & Blessing

House Cleansing and Blessings may be for new or old homes, whether you have just moved in, or you have been living there for years and looking to refresh the energy in your home.

Reasons you may want a House Cleansing and Blessing

  • Moving into a new home
  • Welcoming a baby into the family
  • The energy in your home feels out of sync
  • Before or after events in your life such as new pets. graduations, new jobs, marriage, divorce, etc.
  • Clearing the space after someone passes away (including pets)

What is needed to be done prior to a scheduled house cleansing

  • Vacuum every room if you have carpets. Sweep and mop every room if you have wood floors.
  • For the morning of the House Cleansing, open all of the blinds in the house and open at least one window in every room.
  • A detailed set of instructions will be sent to you upon the completed purchase

A house cleansing includes the use of

  • Baking soda house cleansing blend (to be used on carpets for vacuuming (ingredients: baking soda, lavender or another essential oil based on the client’s needs)
  • Black salt
  • White salt
  • Anointing oil
  • Candle
  • Incense
  • Rose quartz and clear quartz crystals. Additional crystals may be used depending on the energy and situation.
  • A House Cleansing Intention is unique and blessed for each house cleansing. The intention will include a mantra, affirmation, or script attuned to the energy of the house cleansing client.
  • Additional supplies and tools may be used depending on the circumstances of a client’s situation.


  • Social distancing procedures will be in effect for house cleansings. ShaaniCreates staff will wear a face covering. Please inform ShaaniCreates prior to scheduling if you have any allergies to items used in a house cleansing.
  • The service includes the cost of supplies and travel expenses within 30 miles of the 22401 zip code.
  • Contact us prior to a purchase to verify your area is covered. ShaaniCreates can coordinate special accommodations and additional fees will apply.

For Purchase:

  • Book an appointment with ShaaniCreates for a House Blessing
  • ShaaniCreates House Cleansing Kit (coming soon)


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