ShaaniCreates Akashic Records Reading

An Akashic Records Reading is a type of Intuitive Reading. Let us go on a journey to explore Consciousness. Akashic Records is a non-physical plane of existence where information about everything from the past, present, and future is located. We can access our own records through meditation. We need permission to access someone else’s records.

I visualize Akashic Records as the Library of the Multiverse. The Akashic Records contains the historical archive of everything that has, is, and will ever exist. Akashic Records are an extension of Source, Consciousness, God, Spirit (whichever name you would like to provide) and therefore, an extension of Us because we are all One.

Akashic Records exist beyond time and space. On a smaller scale, I visualize our own Akashic Records as a library, a historical record of our timelines… past, present, and future. With permission in a ShaaniCreates Akashic Records reading, a client and I will explore their library with questions about their life.

What is included in a full 60-minute Akashic Records Reading:

  • Akashic Records Reading 60 minutes
  • PDF summary of Akashic Records Reading with recommendations

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