ShaaniCreates - Body Healing with Emotional Traumatic ReleaseShaaniCreates Body Healing with Emotional Traumatic Release (ETR)

Do you experience:

  • Anxiety, sadness, depression, anger, frustration, impatience, stress, or tension in your body?

When we experience trauma in life, our bodies hold onto fragments of these memories and the memories become attached to triggers. When you are triggered, your body signals for an emotional traumatic release. An ETR session with ShaaniCreates is a great form of holistic care and aligns well with existing treatment plans. The sessions feel like an emotional reset from head to toe.

What is included in this service:

  • The client will fill out a pre-consultation questionnaire listed below. This information helps ShaaniCreates know the direction and sequence for the session.
  • 45-minute spiritual consultation with an energy healing using emotional freedom technique (EFT) to realign the client’s energy, bringing harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

Emotional Traumatic Release and Emotional Freedom Technique does not replace medical care and treatment

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