ShaaniCreates Crystal Consultation with Intuitive ReadingDiscover what crystals you need in your life

ShaaniCreates will help you combine the healing properties of crystals with your needs and areas of focus. Working and meditating with the right crystals can help your energy flow better throughout your mind, body, and spirit.

Crystal consultations with intuitive readings can help you with

  • Blocking negative thoughts
  • Creative expression
  • Improving communication in relationships and business affairs
  • Increasing self-love and love towards others
  • Managing emotions
  • Removing obstacles in your life
  • Spiritual comfort and protection

What a crystal consultation and intuitive reading for 60-minutes includes

  • 60-minute discussion about your life and how crystals can help you
  • Complimentary crystal attuned to your energy
  • Digital image of a customized crystal grid attuned to your energy
  • PDF report with a detailed summary of your consultation

Crystal consultations with intuitive readings do not replace medical treatment and care.

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