ShaaniCreates Dream Interpretation

ShaaniCreates Dream Interpretation

Dreams can be a resource of limitless information in our lives for guidance and connections to past lives. Also, dreams may provide keys to the answers we are seeking and confirmation of our actions.

  • Do you have a recurring dream that you are interested in figuring out the meaning?
  • Are you looking for guidance about patterns, symbols, numbers, animals, colors?
  • Perhaps you have persistent thoughts weighing heavily on your mind that causes disturbances in your sleeping habits.

During a dream interpretation consultation with ShaaniCreates, we will meet with a client to listen to a description of the dream(s). We encourage clients to provide as many details as possible (such as frequency of the dreams, colors, and objects you see, things you smell, feelings you have, places you go to, people you interact with) can help with an interpretation.

Notes will be taken so ShaaniCreates may develop a dream analysis for you summarized in a PDF format for the client.

What a Dream Interpretation Consultation includes:

  • 45-minute dream interpretation
  • Healing affirmation attuned to the client’s healing energy
  • PDF summary and report of the consultation
  • PDF dream analysis

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