ShaaniCreates Spirit Animal Reading

ShaaniCreates Spirit Animal Readings

Spirit Animal Readings by email
Discover which animals are guiding you right now in your life

Animals surround us in the physical and spiritual realms. They are a part of nature, part of our lives. Animals provide guidance, warnings and protection through symbolism, synchronicities, patterns, visions and dreams.

If you are new* to exploring the wonderful world of spirit animals, this Spirit Animal Reading is for you.

How to get a spirit animal reading with ShaaniCreates:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Complete payment for a spirit animal reading purchase
  3. ShaaniCreates will provide you with an intuitive reading by email indicating
    1. 1 land animal
    2. 1 air animal and
    3. 1 water animal that is a part of your spirit team during this moment in your life
    4. A summary PDF report
  4. You will receive an email response with answers to your questions within 2 business days
  5. If you have a question, please reach out to us

*Recommended but not required. A Spirit Animal Reading can be beneficial to anyone of all ages, no matter the depth of expertise for this topic.

This is an introductory and limited time special offer!

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