ShaaniCreates Tarot Card ReadingShaaniCreates Tarot Card Reading

With your permission, a tarot or oracle card reading involves me connecting to you and your energy, spirit guides, spirit animals, entities, etc, to deliver messages and guidance in areas where you may have questions about your life. The tools I use to assist with receiving the message are tarot and oracle card decks.

Tarot and oracle card readings are a type of intuitive reading. Intuitive readings can be very similar to wellness consultations. The main difference is with more focus on a spiritual perspective of identifying the root cause and how to move forward. ShaaniCreates Intuitive Readings come from a place of pure love and enlightenment. We are here to provide guidance to you on your journey. A tarot or oracle card reading is not a prediction of the future.

During any consultation with ShaaniCreates, you are in a safe and protected environment full of love and understanding. You are in a judgment-free zone where you may speak freely and at your own pace so we may help guide you to the answers and results you desire in your life.

What is included in a full tarot card reading:

  • Tarot or Oracle Card deck reading and spiritual consultation
  • Digital image of the tarot deck spread
  • PDF summary and report of the consultation

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