ShaaniCreates · Today is a New BeginningA few weeks ago had a database error. Also, my backups disappeared. I quickly became upset as I tried to troubleshoot the issues. I realized I would need to start from scratch. I immediately felt angst in my body as a tight swirl of energy generated in my abdominal area.

The next day, I reflected on the matter and realized anger about my site being down was not doing anything toward bringing my site back up. Within a few minutes from this realization, I shifted my perspective. I thought to myself, what a wonderful time for a new design and to present new services. The weight of heavy energy fell from my body.

I have been intensely performing inner work on self-worth, trusting the process, increasing patience, and creative expression over the last month. The inner work I am processing began to integrate well with my business endeavors. I feel this is a pleasant synchronicity and I am grateful. With increased awareness, calmness, and love in my life, I observe the patterns, symbols, and signs lining up in my beautiful journey.

I am Happy to Present ShaaniCreates Holistic Services

Each of these spiritual readings and services are listed in ShaaniCreates Shop:

I am a Certified Reiki Master and Holistic Wellness Coach

I am passionate about sharing the gifts and training I have been blessed with, for my clients who are looking for help in their lives with areas such as self-love, developing a growth mindset and strengthening relationships. ShaaniCreates Holistic Services are a type of Wellness Consulting Services I provide. Also, these services are deeply intertwined with the spiritual work and training I have been involved with for years.

ShaaniCreates Wellness Consulting Services

Are available by appointment and due to current events, we are only providing remote services by video and telephone at this time. When the moment is appropriate, we will be back in-person at:

  • 2217 Princess Anne Street Suite 210-1
    Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

What questions do you have today? How may I help you?

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