ShaaniCreates A Simple Self-Care RecipeA simple self-care recipe that I consistently use in my daily practice

Prep: 30 minutes
Serves: 1
Number of servings: Infinite

My day begins with my first awakened breath. I open my eyes and I express gratitude for waking up to a new and beautiful day. I give thanks for this miracle. I am here. I am safe. I am well. My family is here. My family is safe. My family is well.

I listen to my body while I stretch my limbs and I add sprinkles of grace as I ease the aches and direct this energy out of my body. I visualize my day and add uplifting vibes to assist with aligning my energy to attract everything I need to move forward with my goals, desires and passions.

The secret ingredient in my recipe is several dollops of love. I love myself unconditionally. I love myself as I am. I love that I am growing, ascending and expanding. My love is limitless, magical and divine.

This is my foundation to greatness. My life flows with ease, grace and love. What is the foundation of your self-care practice? How important is this routine in your life? A recipe can be created that caters to your needs.

In my practice, I can help you develop a daily practice and routine that helps you be authentically you, no matter what life presents you in the moment. Building a spiritual toolkit for your daily practice will help you increase self-awareness and move forward in life. Your spiritual toolkit is a personal set of resources, abilities, spiritual gifts, and skills that is available to you and for you whenever you need them.

Book an appointment with me today and we will develop a blueprint, an outline for a spiritual toolkit that will create a spiritual hygiene routine in your daily practice. Book an appointment for a Spiritual Toolkit session with me here. Please contact me if you have a special request. ShaaniCreates is here to serve.


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