ShaaniCreates 30-Day Spiritual Alignment & Attunement Package $400

  • 1 Anointing Oil
  • 1 Aura Spray
  • 1 Room Spray
  • 1 Face Wash
  • 1 Body Wash
  • 1 Mojo Bag
  • 1 Honey Jar
  • 1 Essential Oil roll-on
  • 1 Affirmation meditation digital recording
  • 1 Customized Crystal Grid prepared and aligned with the lunar cycle of the month
  • 2 Intuitive Readings (60 minutes each)

We must have an initial consultation in-person or on a video conference call before the items are prepared for the client. Please, no products on behalf of someone else.

Each product is blessed, attuned and aligned for your energy, life purpose and intention of your desires, for your highest good.

Important: We do not create any products to bring harm to anyone. ShaaniCreates provides holistic life coaching services to assist people with moving forward in their lives.

Please inform us if you have any allergies.

Information about ShaaniCreates Holistic Services

Prospective clients fill out a form with information to express an interest in a provided service. After review of the form, I meet with a prospective client to assess the client’s energy. I do not predict the future. I am not a medical doctor. I am a holistic life coach and provide advice to clients about a broad range of topics such as relationships, careers, financial status, time management, limited beliefs, building confidence, conflict resolution, decision making, life purpose, past lives, emotional trauma, childhood issues, forgiveness, healing, letting go, self-care, self-love, gratitude, growth mindset, mindfulness, awareness, spiritual gifts and more.

I use intuitive spiritual gifts to review the client’s sensory information by reading auras, tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, accessing Akashic Records, spirit guides, guardian angels, spirit animals, etc. I am a guide and coach to help you in your process in this life. The products I provide are for holistic purposes only.

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