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Build a spiritual toolkit for your daily practice and help yourself move forward in life. Your spiritual toolkit is a personal set of resources, abilities, spiritual gifts, and skills that is available to you and for you whenever you need them.

The following is an example of a blueprint, an outline for a spiritual toolkit that will create a spiritual hygiene routine in your daily practice. Your toolkit may look different; however, there are some fundamentals we would like for you to consider.

We can help you design your spiritual toolkit

  1. Aromatherapy
    1. Access to scents in different forms (e.g. oils, incense and candles) that are uplifting, soothing, comforting and grounding
  2. Divination, Intuition & Discernment
  3. Energy Healing
    1. Homeostasis & harmony in the mind, body, and spirit
    2. Sexual wellness
    3. Releasing and healing from pain & trauma
  4. Learning the Mechanics of You
    1. Astrology
    2. Human Design
    3. Numerology
      1. Read – Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane
    4. Relationships
      1. Relationship with self & Spirit comes first
        1. Creating a safe space for expression, healing and loving
        2.  Self-Reflection
          1. Breathe
            1. Focus on the breath and you are in the present moment
          2. Expressing Gratitude
          3. Expressing Self-love
            1. Love Yourself More
          4. Forgiveness
          5. Intention
          6. Journaling
          7. Meditation
          8. Prayer
          9. Reclaiming your power daily
          10. Task Analysis
      2. Relationship with others
        1. Read – Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power by Gary Zukov
          1. I call meaningful relationships and connections in my life spiritual partners. There are different spiritual partners in my life and we are here to help us learn a lesson(s) and move forward in life. Some spiritual partners may involve intimacy and others may only be a platonic relationship. Some spiritual partnerships last for a season and others last for many seasons.
          2. I prefer the term spiritual partner over twin flame and soul mate.
        2. Spiritual family, soul family, soul tribe
      3. Relationship with food
        1. Conscious eating
        2. Developing a healthy relationship with food
        3. Developing a transformational eating plan
    5. Transforming during and after major life events
      1. Read – Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
        1. Read the book first and then watch the movie.
        2. I enjoyed listening to the book on Audible. The author is the narrator and she is brilliant, her voice is perfect, I can feel her story through her words.
  5. Movement
  6. Music therapy and sound healing
    1. Create an uplifting playlist
    2. Listen to chants and sound bowls
  7. Surround yourself with uplifting, high vibrational, and loving people. Be in safe spaces that provide you with the love and comfort you need to express yourself.
    1. Brilliance Starts Now Mastermind Group
    2. Empowering Lives on Clubhouse
    3. Empowering Lives on Discord
    4. Empowering Lives on Facebook

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  • One 90-minute spiritual toolkit development session


  • PDF summary of your personalized spiritual toolkit

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