ShaaniCreates What Are You SeekingWhat You Seek is Seeking You

This is a moment of great reflection for the entire world. One way or another, we are being forced to face our greatest fears in life.

  • Who are you when things do not go your way?
  • Who have you become during the last 8 months of the pandemic?
  • Do you allow yourself to feel your emotions?
  • What are you still holding onto but you know it’s time to let go of?

“What you seek is seeking you” is one of my favorite Rumi quotes

I use the statement as a mantra for my quest for self-mastery. Every time I search for love in my life, the path ends with me learning, growing, and loving myself more.

I am all of the love I seek and crave in my life.

I am the beginning and the end, a blossoming lotus, the sweetest and most divine nectar, a glowing and graceful goddess, an enchanted mystic…

I am everything I desire and more.

What are you seeking in your life?

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