ShaaniCreates Provides Customized Kodi BuildsWhat is Kodi?

Kodi is a media player software which allows users to play and view most streaming media, such as videos, music, podcasts and videos from the internet. In addition, Kodi allows viewing all common digital media files from local and network storage media. Kodi is a popular multi-platform alternative to Windows Media Center for home-theater PC (HTPC) use. The software is highly customizable: a variety of skins can change its appearance, and various plug-ins allow users to access streaming media content via online services.

Kodi supports most common audio, video, and image formats, playlists, audio visualizations, slideshows, weather forecasts reporting, and third-party plugins. It is network-capable (internet and home network shares).

If you are interested in reading more about our customized Kodi builds please read here and purchase here.


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What is Kodi?
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