ShaaniCreates What is LoveI originally wrote this on August 10, 2017.

I feel that Love cannot be defined with only words yet words are important for communicating, sharing and remembering the experience. Words help increase our clarity of thought. The following is my current understanding of Love.

What is Love?

Love is an intense flow of compassion, passion, and joy toward a person or object. I am love. Love is the purest form of energy that comes from Spirit and also flows in us and is us. I am love. Love is an extension of our divine creator, a beacon of light, a source of harmony and joy. Love is healing, laughter, cleansing, rejuvenating. Love is me, you, Source, the Universe, the answer, the way, truth, enlightenment, power, joy, bliss, pure and infinite.

Please allow me to explore another area of my personal experience with Love. When defining Black Love I apply the same definition and narrow it down to my heritage and identity in which I have an unconditional love for. I unconditionally and unapologetically love myself, my people, my heritage and my identity. I strive to connect further with my roots so I can have a deeper understanding of myself, my family and my ancestors. With this knowledge and understanding I move forward in my personal growth and development, and in turn, I desire to help my community prosper, shine and thrive.

My opinion about a need for Black Love is I feel it is important for my journey, and in practice for my people, this will vary for individuals based on their past experiences. I would say unconditional self-love is needed first and then the individual can truly begin their journey about identity and their heritage.

I am the individual that has made me feel most loved. Discovering and connecting with the pure love inside of me has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Being around loving, inspiring and uplifting people like my mom, children, best friend, and other soul siblings helps tremendously with feeling the love.

Love is to be shared with others. I promote love by sharing my story. I promote love daily through my actions in one on one talks with loved ones, in my career, on social media, writing, and creating content which promotes a growth mindset.

Discussion Points:

  • How do you define Love?
  • Are you happy with how you view what Love is?
  • How has your definition of Love changed during your life?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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