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You are Remarkable

You are a remarkable being. There is no one like you in the Universe. You are unique. You are divine. You are powerful. Now is the time to let go of any energies, old programming, old data, old ways of thinking, limited beliefs and mindsets that are holding you back from reaching what you desire. Let go of the old and make space for the new.


I let go of what is holding me back so the greatness in me may shine through. I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy.

Healing through Visions is a ShaaniCreates Production

We are developing art to help heal the mind, body and Spirit. Inspirational and uplifting content for all ages created with intention, knowledge, wisdom and lots of love.

I am a spiritual practitioner and I can provide guidance and direction in your life. To book a session with me call or text 202-413-8011 now.

I am not a medical doctor. If you are in need of medical assistance, contact the appropriate health practitioner for your medical needs.

Empowering Lives is here to provide emotional support and share spiritual experiences within a safe and sacred space of accountability, acceptance and love for people. We welcome people of all backgrounds, cultures, religious and spiritual practices.

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