Mission statement

Empowering freedom in your life by developing a growth mindset

Goal towards others

ShaaniCreates formed from a journey of feeling lost to a path of enlightenment. ShaaniCreates wants to uplift, inspire and provide guidance for people to achieve their goals.


ShaaniCreates is a wellness consulting company to guide clients with empowering their lives through self-love and developing a growth mindset. ShaaniCreates can assist you with wellness consulting services, professional development, mentoring and holistic services in the Northern Virginia area.

About the Owner

ShaaniCreates is a wellness consulting company, Black woman-owned small business and we empower lives through creation, learning, growing, laughing and loving. How may we help you?

Shaani is the owner of ShaaniCreates. She is a certified Reiki Master, Mediator, Practitioner and Special Emphasis Program Manager. Shaani has an extensive background with change management, strategic planning, problem solving and conflict resolution. Shaani is passionate about helping clients discover the magic inside of them to bring about healing in their lives and make more space for joy and love.

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