Mission statement

Creating the life you desire by developing a growth mindset and increasing self-love.

Goal towards others

ShaaniCreates formed from a journey of feeling lost to a path of enlightenment. ShaaniCreates wants to uplift, inspire and provide guidance for people to achieve their goals.


ShaaniCreates is a spiritual & wellness consulting company to guide clients with empowering their lives through improving self-love and developing a growth mindset. ShaaniCreates can assist you with discovering your purpose in life, spiritual consulting services, mentoring, and training in-person and globally via video conferencing.

About the Owner

ShaaniCreates is a Black woman-owned spiritual & wellness consulting global enterprise, and we empower lives through creation, learning, growing, laughing, and loving. How may we help you?

Shaani is the owner of ShaaniCreates. She is an Iyanifa, a High Priestess of Ifa and her Ifa name is Ifabukini which means (I am) his purpose. Shaani is a Shaman, Mystic and Alchemist of energy.

Shaani provides safe spaces for people. She brings calmness, comfort and love to people as she listens to their story. She inspires people. She provides the journey that fulfills someone’s soul purpose to shine.

Shaani is passionate about helping clients discover the magic inside of them to bring about healing in their lives and make more space for joy and love.

Additional Certification information

A message from Shaani

I am passionate about uplifting Black women. I help women heal from emotional and physical trauma, regain power and increase self-love in their lives. You are worthy. You are whole. I love you.

I provide these services because I am a survivor of emotional and physical trauma. I am blessed with wonderful teachers and friends who helped me discover the divine love within me. I want to share this love with others.

I am a spiritual warrior. I am also passionate about reconnecting with our inner child, problem-solving, helping people develop a growth mindset and placing love in everything I do.

Thank you for taking a moment to visit ShaaniCreates.com and reading about the services I provide. If there is anything I may do to assist you with your journey, please book an appointment today.

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