ShaaniCreates · TechPR · Stand Out GlobalShaaniCreates has partnered with TechPR and Stand Out Global to bring affordable solutions for your business needs today. ShaaniCreates is here to assist you with creating and building your company’s brand, online presence and reputation. Along with TechPR and Stand Out Global, ShaaniCreates provides web & domain hosting, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, document services, strategic planning, marketing and many more services. Together, we form a marketing technology organization which uses specialized technical and business strategies. We work with customers and business owners to effectively create hassle free online presence and marketing throughout a wide range of channels on the internet.

TechPR, Stand Out Global and ShaaniCreates offers a variety of services to make sure your company thrives:

  • Full Page Ads and Banners
  • Video Production*
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Creation*
  • One-on-One Business Coaching
  • Web Development*
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Strategic Planning
  • Online Reputation Services

We are offering a limited-time holiday and introductory special of $99 plus $50 per month. The regular price for the set up fee is $125. This package and monthly service includes strategic planning for your business, marketing and advertising and online reputation services. Additional fees apply for content creation services. Hurry, this offer ends soon!

We know you are looking for affordable services you can trust. Look no further because you have arrived. Stop placing blame about your business is slow and take action today to see the prosperity you desire.

Sign up for our services by filling out this application. We will review your application and upon approval, a consultant will contact you for a discussion within 2 business days.

All services are provided by ShaaniCreates · TechPR · Stand Out Global

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