Healing Path

ShaaniCreates welcomes Stephen Buck as a guest writer

What is the true purpose of healing?

To answer this question, one must look within their self to discover the parts which do not resonate with the highest truth. In order to truly experience healing, it is necessary to face the darkness that lies within us, all of the perceived anxiety and inadequacies, in order to shine light into these areas in order to become whole. The process of healing; however, is not merely the experience of intense ecstasy while in a lotus position chanting “aum.” True healing takes an intense amount of grit and willpower to rise above old patterns of behavior and emotions.

It’s about doing the work to reprogram your mind to become a limitless, sovereign being connected to your highest self. The path of healing can oftentimes be a strenuous journey, exploring deep unresolved emotions from past experiences and bringing them to the surface so that they can be felt, no matter how difficult, and transmuted into life-giving energy. The more we dedicate to healing ourselves, going through and resolving our emotions, the more we become “beacons of life-light” if you will, we begin to influence the people we come in contact with and share our light so they too can overcome something inside of themselves.

About Stephen Buck:

Stephen Buck is a guest writer for ShaaniCreates. Stephen is an entrepreneur and writer interested in uplifting all of humanity by seeding the light of truth within all of consciousness. He seeks to, by spreading knowledge and service, alleviate the suffering that is faced by many. Stephen’s purpose is to deliver that which helps one to discover and resonate with their highest truth and expression.

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Purpose of Healing
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