ShaaniCreates Destroy Limiting BeliefsDo you often have any of the following thoughts?

I am not good enough…
I don’t deserve…
I can’t do this…
I wish I had…
I wish I could…
Why can’t I…
Why did he do this to me…
I don’t have enough money…
If only I could…

These are all forms of limiting beliefs. They are beliefs that have been programmed in us since birth and drilled into us by our families and society.

Limiting beliefs can and often prevent us from achieving our full potential in life.

How to destroy limiting beliefs:

You can overcome your limiting beliefs by becoming the observer, letting go of the old programming, developing a growth mindset, and increasing self-love.


State the following affirmations while looking in the mirror. Smile to yourself with love as you read the sentences.

I am wonderful.
I am amazing.
I am beautiful.
I am successful.
I am happy.
I deserve joy.
I deserve love.
I deserve wealth.
I deserve prosperity.
I deserve abundance.
I can achieve whatever I desire.
I love myself unconditionally.

Observe how you feel after saying the affirmations. Repeat the affirmations every morning.

Are you ready to begin the journey toward freedom in your life? 

Discussion points:

  1. What are some limiting beliefs you learned during childhood?
  2. What are some limiting beliefs you let go of?
  3. Did you find that some beliefs were easier to let go of compared to others?
  4. Do you have any limiting beliefs now?
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