ShaaniCreates - You Are Not AloneYou are Not Alone

But the reality is you may feel alone.

Loneliness… feeling alone can be a surreal state of mind to experience.

I felt alone for a significant portion of my life going back to my childhood.

How could I feel alone when I was surrounded by so many loving people? I often wondered about this. As a young adult, I subconsciously turned towards intimate relationships in an attempt to fill an internal void. There were deeper causes and meanings of these actions and experiences.

Through life experience, studying to improve my self-awareness, meditating, and therapy, I began to get to the root cause of my issues with loneliness which was a fear of abandonment and rejection.

Your root cause may be different but this does not take away from the feeling of being lonely. This feeling deserves acknowledgment and is very real to us because our minds and bodies are replaying a narrative of memories and images we created from our perception of past experiences.

Some or all of these memories may have been traumatic for you. Through my spiritual practice and personal development routine, I learn to bring healing to myself by embracing my past experiences with love, compassion, and forgiveness, instead of judgment, shame, and guilt.

What narrative are you playing in your mind?

Are you telling yourself you are alone and you are lonely?

Do you want to change the narrative of your life? What will it take for you to break this pattern to create the life you desire?

Through wellness and spiritual consultations, ShaaniCreates can help you design a plan of action for transforming your life. Are you ready for the new you? Contact ShaaniCreates today.

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