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I embrace all aspects of me
Radical Acceptance · Radical Honesty · Grace · Love

I am leveling up, embracing all aspects of me with a new season of incorporating Radical Acceptance and Radical Honesty in my life through grace and self-love. I am allowing my body to feel all of the emotions and uncomfortable experiences I used to freeze, avoid and run away from. When I experience something that feels uncomfortable, I focus on my breath to help me remain present in the moment and grounded; observing the situation as a witness and not a judge.

I am breaking patterns, cycles and habits that are not for my highest good. I lean into my emotions and I allow my body to feel the depth of my emotions. I ask my spirit, what is this situation teaching me? Show me what I need to learn from this experience. What can I do differently to shift this outcome? I am loving and gentle to myself as my body is triggered and feels flooded with memories of anger, shame, guilt and abandonment. I remind myself this is temporary. The wave will pass soon. Just breathe. After I do inner work, I nurture myself with aftercare (e.g. spiritual bath, sensual touch, slow dancing naked in the mirror, meditation by candlelight, etc.)

I am embracing all aspects of me. This involves me sitting in my shit as my spirit shows me reels of my life, revealing profound connections and plot twists. Then the clarity pours in fiercely and my body begins to feel lighter. For me the acceptance and clarity happen around the same time and then my body feels lighter as I purge the old energies and bring in peace, joy and love.

One of the tools I am using to help me with this process is a book called Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. I first read this a couple of years ago on Audible and I am grateful to revisit this wonderful book. I am also journaling, expanding my boundaries, verbally expressing myself to my inner circle, slowing down (more), pouring love into me and resting (a lot). The crystals that I have been holding onto tightly this week are desert rose, amethyst and rose quartz. Sound healing is an extremely important part of my daily practice. I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, listen to a lot of uplifting music… especially lofi hip hop and binaural beats on YouTube, and my Story of My Life playlist on Apple Music.

I am grateful for the season that is coming to an end and the new season that I am gracefully flowing into.

What season are you in for your personal and spiritual development? What tools are you using to help you manage your daily experiences? Are you incorporating any new habits or tools? Please feel free to share by leaving a comment or sending me a message.